Friday, August 12, 2011

Tibi News

My love for Tibi is no secret. In fact, if you take a look in my closet, you'll see that I own more Tibi pieces than any other brand. Their clothes are current, but aren't so trendy that they can only be worn one season. This is probably why I have Tibi dresses from several years ago that I still insist on wearing all the time.

Another reason I'm crazy about Tibi is because they have an outlet in St Simons! Hard to believe, I know. If you're visiting the St Simons, Savannah, or Jacksonville areas, I definitely recommend a trip to the Tibi outlet! You won't leave empty-handed!

In other Tibi news, I'm excited to share that they have added an outlet section to their website here. Such a great idea! Check back often, as they are constantly adding new pieces. Here are a few favorites from the outlet.

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