Monday, August 8, 2011

My Summer Faves...

On my feet, on my face, and on my shoulder..... these are my "must-haves" for this summer.

1. Cream: Kiehl's Highly Efficient skin-tone corrector Ok ladies, if you are like me you might get some dark spots on your face from the sun/ heat!  I have some prescription creams from the dermatologist but tried this and really liked it.  You don't need much and it goes a long way. 

2.  Shoes: Mossimo at Target  I found these shoes at Target and have worn them all summer!  They are comfy and go with every color.  Inexpensive and cute! 

3.  Hat: My favorite hat, purchased last spring in Capri, Italy at a tourist gift shop but it's fun to say....."I got it in Capri!"  Shields my face from sun exposure.

4.  Cover-up: OK I got this wrap thing at the GAP forever ago but every summer I use it and gets loads of compliments.  You can wrap it around your waist, tie it like a strapless coverup, wear it like a scarf, or my favorite- wear it crossed and tie around your neck.  Goes from day to night easily---photo of me wearing it last summer in Virginia Beach- straight off the beach to dinner!

5.  Lip Gloss: Smashbox lip glosses multiple colors for any time of day!   

6. Over night Bag: My Best Buy of the summer.  I found this bag at a market in Cancun, Mexico this summer.  I use it every weekend getaway now.

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