Thursday, August 18, 2011

Express Yourself

I know it's hard to believe, but the "Express" in the title is referring to the clothing store, Express. Yes, Express. I can't say I found this entirely on my own- I was tipped off by the blog, Made by Girl, to the first bracelet below. However, I did venture into the Express at Lenox Mall and made my purchases (finding some other great ones too)!

Who doesn't love stacks of gold bracelets on your arm??!! Most of these come in gold or silver, but I prefer the gold options. They range from $19-$24 (which is a little pricey), but until August 22, they have a promo going on for $15 off $30 and $30 off $75. Use promo code 1664 online or go online and print the coupon to take in stores. Happy shopping!

Besides bracelets, they have other cute options like this stack of rings below.

Here is a picture of the way I wore mine with my MK watch last weekend!

PS- Next week we are doing our very first GIVEAWAY!!! Stay tuned for details on how to enter and what the giveaway is! We are so excited!

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