Monday, August 1, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor jewelry tour

Some of the most famous jewels in the world belong to the late beloved actress, Elizabeth Taylor.  Some pieces of her jewelry collection are going on a three month tour starting in Moscow and ending in New York with a Christie's auction of the pieces.  A portion of the proceeds from the auction will go to her Charity, The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.  These pieces are out of the world!  I recently read her biography Elizabeth: 
In this book it discusses some of the jewels and of course her out of this world life!  I highly recommend this book.  Being the age I am I never knew how big of movie star she was and the magnitude she had around the world.  Hollywood during her era was a different way of Hollywood life versus now- very interesting.

A gift from Richard Burton, this collection or "suite" of jewels, created by Bulgari in Rome, includes a brooch, bracelet, earrings and necklace, all featuring a staggering array of emeralds and diamonds. Taylor rarely wore the set, however she did wear them for her wedding to Burton in 1964.

Top: Perhaps the most famous of all Taylor's gems, the Taylor-Burton diamond is an eye-watering 69.42 carat pear shaped sparkler which Burton bought in 1969 for US $1 million. Which, by the way, was a LOT of amount of money in those days. The stone was featured by Cartier, and was famously worn by Taylor to the Academy Awards in 1970.

Bottom: Another Bulgari and yet another gift from Burton. This diamond and sapphire sautoir necklace features a whopping 321-carat Burmese sapphire in it's pendant, which is surrounded by smaller sapphires. 

Top: The Krupp diamond was given to Taylor by arguably her greatest love Richard Burton in 1968. This stunning diamond is 33.19 carats, and was worn by Liz more than any other piece.

Bottom: another photo of Elizabeth in unknown jewels

A Valentine's gift from Burton, this totally natural drop pearl (hanging at the base of the necklace above) has an unbelievable 500 year history. Shortly after its discovery in the 1500's, it was acquired by the Spanish Royal family. The bauble was then given as a wedding gift to Mary I of England by Phillip II of Spain. The image shows Mary Tudor wearing the La Peregrina Pearl, in a different setting. The pearl was then passed on to several other noteworthy recipients, such as Spanish Queens and the Bonaparte family. Burton bought the pearl for US $37,000 (practically a steal!) and then had it's setting redesigned by Cartier. 

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