Friday, August 26, 2011

Dream Job

Has anyone by chance been tuning in Lifetime's new show Picker Sisters? If not, you have got to start watching!! Not kidding, these girls are so creative. Interior designers Tanya McQueen and Tracy Hutson, both of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," road trip (mainly all over the south) to antique malls, flea markets, shipyards, you name it to find what most would consider trash. With an amazing eye, lots of creativity and a good contractor, they transform old beat up pieces into furniture, lighting and accessories to sell in their Los Angeles pop up shop. They are both so cute and creative! I would totally love for this to be my job. So much fun to start with something old, beat up and inexpensive and turn it into something fabulous. The show airs on Lifetime on Tuesday nights at 10pm/9c. Watch it!

I want these chairs!!

They used an old wagon wheel, some hemp string and light bulbs to make this pretty chandelier.

These below were my favorite find from Tuesday night's episode. They turned these old metal cage-like things on casters, that most people reuse as chicken coops, into chairs.

At one point during the show, they were actually in Mobile at an antique shop I visit frequently.

Here they are below in their LA store after being fixed up and painted white. Pretty cool!

Tree Stump side tables...

Old Radiators make a neat side chair.

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  1. I love their show!! Where were they in Mobile? I must go check it out!!!

  2. I love that show. Just found it last week and watched all the episodes on demand. Char I can totally see you Open this store! Told you that Saturday night.

  3. Amanda, they were at Mr. Bill's. You need to go when you are back in town! I want to come visit you at Parish the next time I'm in Montgomery. It looks like a beautiful store!

    Em, maybe one day! :)