Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Diet Book Review

Ok so I know it's edging the end of summer but it's never too late to start eating better to shed some lbs or just to be more healthy. I picked up this book a couple of months ago and I love it. It makes me very more aware of how many calories are in every food. Some of you may say you know all the calories you intake and do not need a lesson on it. But I want to tell you a few cool things this book has to offer.

1. It starts off by telling you how many 400 calorie meals a day you should have based on your activity

2. Tells you what calories are in beverages

3. So you're having the salad bar many calories?

4. The bar

5. The movies: for example my friend Erin and I went last night ( to see Harry Potter-so good!) and each got a bag of popcorn and shared some peanut M&M's, no sodas we were good and had water. Granted we ate this instead of dinner so we each had about 500 calories. Not too bad for the theater only 100 over.

6. Each chapter tells you examples of what to eat for every meal and snack meal, even desserts. This book is amazing it doesn't mean you have to cut out sweets just know when enough is enough!

7. Lunch examples

8. Having a salad at a restaurant say.... Atlanta Bread, Chick fil A, or Panera it tells you how many calories are involved. This is where it would be tricky normally because when you eat out, you do not always know how calories you are intaking but you can now....

The steak one is for Leah, I believe she eats it every Saturday night. I received a call this past Saturday: I'm having steak what to have with it and what dessert should I make? I should have referenced this book first but I believe she did some vegetables so she would have been within her 400 calorie mark.

Enjoy! I purchased mine at Barnes & Noble...get yours today!

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  1. Cute book concept! I am always buying new ones.