Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boutique Buzz - Nashville, TN

While out to dinner with friends the other night, we briskly walked past this chic Nashville clothing boutique. Our walk toward dinner briefly came to a halt for a little retail relief. However, it was after hours so we were only able to peer through the windows and become envious of the sassy summer garments inside. First to our eye was this fancy piece.....

Followed by these summer and fall frocks.....

And of course give a little credit to the owners.... Ivey Boutique, Nashville, TN.

And because the entrance was as cool and cute as the items inside of it, a shot from our angle.

Hopefully next time in Nashville I'll be able to visit during working hours! (Which btw are 11-6.)

-posted by Leah Shea for Collect 5

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